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Contact Sherri to speak at your next event!

Sherri Lander Smith, noted education strategist and founder of the Genius Center is a passionate and engaging speaker offering customized keynotes, seminars and workshops across a wide range of topics.  Known for getting audiences off their seats and on their feet, Sherri's high energy becomes contagious as she weaves humor, wisdom and experience into a profound experience of creative learning. 

As a parent educator, trainer of teachers and hands-on children's learning facilitator, Sherri's "Project Learning Works!" interactive programming delivers topics that stimulate, inspire and motivate audiences of all ages and abilities to take action. 

Contact Sherri and invite her to speak at your next event:  Contact@GeniusCenter.com

Choose from one of many topics or have Sherri craft one specifically for the issues that you and your group are interested in.  Here's a sample::

  • All Children Have Genius!
  • Life in the Real World: or "Brainstorming Your Life" (for teens)
  • Subjects vs. Intelligences...No Conflict!: Customizing A Dynamic Genius Curriculum
  • Box City:  Creative Cardboard Civics
  • Developing An Evaluative Portfolio
  • Literature is Wild Fun
  • The Language in Action!: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric
  • The Unschooled Child Grows Up: Will They Fit In?
  • Ages and Stages: Understanding the Genius Zone
  • Dreaming of You: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality!
  • Art Fandango: Creating an Environment for Maximum Freedom and Learning Exploration
  • It's More than ABC's - Supporting Emergent Literacy
  • What's DAP Got to Do With It? (Developmentally Appropriate Practice)
  • See, Saw, Draw!: Confidence through Art
  • Word Painting: Project Learning and the Creative Writing Process
  • Real Work for Real Kids!: Learning Through Projects
  • Webbing Out !:  Interest-led Learning
  • The Way to A Child's Brain is Through His/er Stomach: Cooking With Children
  • Balan-zing!: Fun Ways to Keep a "Zing" in Your Step (for parents).


Contact Sherri and invite her to speak at your next event:  Contact@GeniusCenter.com